Why I Passed Over From Orthodox Medicine To Holistic Wellness


Growing up, one thing I always wanted to do was become a nurse. I was a Licensed Vocational Nurse working in the medical field in multiple clinical areas for over 10 years until I became very ill, eventually having to quit work altogether. I loved my role as a nurse helping people and studying about the body and health. Yet the sicker I became and the more I searched out help from the medical field, that I thought I knew so well, the more I became frustrated. None of the doctors truly seemed to know how to help me, except to offer another medicine, another pill and yet another specialist.

Suffering Without Relief

I suffered severely for over 10 years, I had a dozen diagnoses, suffered abuse at the hands of nurses, was lied to and about by doctors, and was on 15 different medications. I also used a cane and a wheelchair. Even with all the specialists I was seeing every month I still continued to get so severely ill I could not even leave the house by myself. Yet I always believed I would be completely healed.

Those Who Wait On The Lord

One day during prayer I received a miracle! During my personal prayer time God miraculously healed me. That was the last day I used my cane and within 6 weeks I was off all synthetic medication except for estrogen. Baruch Hu!

Walking In God’s Way of Shalom

After my personal experience with orthodox medicine that only treated my symptoms by giving drugs to cover them, thus creating more symptoms, I truly came to realize that this is not God’s Way. His way is complete, Shalom, natural and holistic, how He created it… Yes there is a place for orthodox medicine, mainly in emergency care. I came to realize In day-to-day living we need to search out what God created for us. We need to use these natural substances to encourage our bodies to heal themselves. His whole foods, His herbs. Thus I passed over following Him onto a new path a new way of looking at life, health, and healing-holistic wellness…His Way, Complete, Shalom. I slowly began to study and then enroll in courses to learn more about holistic wellness and herbalism. Now I use this knowledge to help others in their search for wellness deeply rooted in the Word of God. Please visit my consultation page to find out how you can use God’s creation to create wellness in your life. I encourage you to seek God first as your Great Physician. No matter what path we choose it is ultimately Him who heals us!

Let me help you use holistic herbalism to find wellness, schedule a consultation today.

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About Tamra Speakman

Tamra is a holistic herbalist. She has over a decade of prior experience as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Tamra owns, Shatul where she educates believers on using God's creation to obtain wellness and vitality. Shatul offers consultations, Deeply Rooted in the Word of God, in person, online, or via the phone for you and your entire family.


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