New Years Resolutions: Why Your Next Diet Will Ultimately Fail


This is the time of year that everyone is making new year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is weight loss. This is especially true for women. We as women resolve to lose weight through exercise and diet. Each year millions of women go on diets but do these diets actually work?

Short Term Diet Results

Sometimes it seems that there is a new and effective diet every month. Each of these diets promise to provide fast and easy weight loss. There are always a  variety of  choices for weight loss. These choices may include:

  • Fad diets such as eating one food only or drinking a certain juice so many times a day.
  • Themed diets such as the South Beach or Atkins diet.
  • Diet pills.
  • Diets that remove or add a healthy or necessary food or nutrient such as low-fat, low carbohydrate or high protein.

However even with all the effort that we ladies make to lose weight it seems that weight loss diets are usually only temporary.

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