The Shocking Truth Behind Common Household Cleaners

The Shocking Truth Behind Common Household Cleaners

It seems we are bombarded with toxins, pesticides, and chemicals from every front now a days. Many people have chronic illnesses or have a family member with one. Most women spend time daily cleaning their house thinking that they are helping the health of their family by keeping a clean environment. What most women are unaware of is that the very cleaners they are cleaning their houses with have highly toxic ingredients in them.

Increased Knowledge, Increased Chemicals

The Bible tells us in Daniel 12 that in the end times knowledge will increase.

 Sometimes knowledge increasing can be a good thing sometimes it can be a bad thing. Because of the increase of knowledge we are now exposed to over 80,000 different chemicals. Many of those are said to have been registered since the 1950′s. Chemicals have been found in tumors, breast milk, children and even newborns. We have a tendency to believe that if it’s for sale at the store it must be safe however, less then 20% of chemicals have been tested for toxicity or safety in children. The percentage is even lower for general testing on chemicals. Children are exposed more to toxins and are more affected by toxins than adults. Children and babies are on the floor and putting things in their mouths. Because of their immature systems and rapid growth children can not detoxify as easily as adults.

How Toxins Affect Our Body

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