Becoming An Herbalist & Consultations By Donation

Becoming an Herbalist & Consultations By Donation @shatulwellness

Becoming an Herbalist

Herbalism is a beautiful and varied field. There are many great schools that offer herbal education and certificates of completion. However there is not an official government regulated license or certification for herbalists. Though my education is through an herbal school like most herbalists I also read, research, and study constantly. As a homeschool mom I fully support lifelong  self-education in herbalism. Traditionally herbalists passed down their knowledge to the next generation through apprenticeship and mentoring. There is a rich history of knowledgeable and experienced herbalists who used this form of education and mentoring. In today’s world much of this knowledge is passed down virtually through the internet or via books.

Self Regulating Through Guilds

Throughout history self-regulated guild’s have been a way for professions to create standards for education, experience and practice. The American Herbalist Guild was created in 1989. You can read their full mission statement online.

“The American Herbalists Guild promotes clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice. The American Herbalists Guild supports access to herbal medicine for all and advocates excellence in herbal education.”

The American Herbalist Guild has created a professional membership that allows an herbalist to use the designation RH (Registered Herbalist) after fulfilling all of their requirements and going through a detailed application process. I have decided to move forward with the application for a RH designation in God’s timing. The education I received through Vintage Remedies provides over 1500 hours of academic training which is more than enough to fulfill the academic requirements to become a Registered Herbalist through the AHG. Another part of the requirement is clinical practicum with clients. This requires at least 400 hours with at least 100 clients in a two-year period.

In part to  help fulfill this requirement and in part to help fulfill my desire for everyone to have access to Holistic Biblical Herbalism I will be offering two people each month Consultations By Donation only. This means that two blessed people will be able to pay what they can afford for their Roots Up Consultation.

Check out my new Consultations By Donation page to learn more and share this information with anyone you know who may benefit.

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