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This review was done in trade for a review on my Goldenseal Frankincense and Myrrh Healing Balm mini course.

Karen Stephenson from Edible Wild Food has created a monthly subscription publication called Wild Edible of the Month. Each month subscribers get a flip book covering a new edible wild food in detail. Karen describes the contents of her new publication on her website:

Wild Edible of the Month is a new monthly publication that we are offering starting July 15 of this year. Each issue will be a comprehensive look at one specific wild edible .

Information about each monthly wild edible will include:

  • Identification
  • Harvesting and preserving
  • Nutritional and medicinal information
  • Health benefits
  • Photographs
  • Recipe ideas
  • Interesting facts and history

The format of this publication is a flip book designed via Epage Creator to be used on all devices such as PCs, Macs, tablets (iPads and Android) and mobile devices (iPhones, iPods, etc.). I viewed the book online via my laptop. The Epage Creator makes an amazing flip book that is easy to navigate through. I also saved it into PDF form very easily by just clicking the PDF button on the left and making sure all pages 1-29 were set to be saved as a PDF. The subscription can be purchased monthly for $7, 6 months for $30, or the entire year for the bargain price of $36. These prices are actually very good as each month you get a detailed, factual and educational book on a new edible wild food.

Treasure Trove of Information Inside

Karen’s first publication for July was on Pine. The book is a well designed,  29 page flip book with all of the information mentioned above. This publication is well written, detailed, and very attractive with a lovely pine background on each page. Each page includes detailed pictures that help you to understand what Karen is describing. I appreciate that Karen starts off right away with safety information, cautions, and instructions on how to safely perform edible wild food testing.

The book covers a detailed history, location of plant origin, generalized descriptions of pines as well as several different types, identification, before going into nutrients, health and medicinal benefits, harvesting, historical uses, and recipes. Included at the end is a detailed list of sources. Each part of the plant, including the essential oil, is covered in detail. I would give a brief caution on the use of pine essential oil in bath water without first putting it in  carrier oil or salt  to help it disperse in the water and prevent skin sensitivity. There are 10 recipes included for medicine and food. Some of the great recipes included are pine brittle, pine cookies, a health nourishing pine syrup or a conifer rub (or oil and vinegar). While Karen herself is from Canada she includes information on pines in the USA as well as Canada. Included throughout the book are important notes on a variety of things such as how to be sure and get the most vitamin C from a pine infusion.  The information contained is properly quoted and well sourced.

Creationism vs Evolution

There is one place within the publication that is cause for discernment. The first 7 pages of the book discuss pine history, as well as living fossils.  Several pine trees are discussed within the context of their place in the Geologic column. Evolutionary dating time frames of 100’s of millions of years are used to describe the oldest pines. It is important to remember as we look at scientific research to use the Word of God as our foundation. Science and God are absolutely compatible however any scientific belief must line up with the Word of God. We can not change the Word of God to align with science. In describing the Geologic column from a creationist perspective Roger Patterson in Evolution Exposed: Earth Science states:

Ultimately, the fossil-bearing geologic record represents the wrath of God poured out in judgment on a world filled with sin. As we look at thistles and thorn bushes growing along a canyon where the layers of fossil-bearing sediment are exposed, how can we help but be reminded of God’s justice? The rock record is a testimony to God’s sovereign control over this earth from Creation to the Flood to today. The Ark is a testimony to His mercy which was ultimately demonstrated through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While evolutionists would like us to think that the fossil record and geologic column prove evolution, the fact is that these physical characteristics of the earth give glory to God’s creation. You can read the entire article on the geologic column and time scale to fully understand why evolutionists date the geologic column in millions of years while creationist thousands of years.

I actually find that many of the pines discussed in these seven pages point to God’s creation in a spectacular way. When discussing the Wollemia Pine Karen states:

Wild Edible Food QuoteIn the article source suggested “Wollemia nobilis: A Living Fossil and Evolutionary Enigma” Andrew A. Snelling Ph D. clears up the issue and gives glory to God.

Who would have thought that, at the close of the twentieth century, only 125 miles from the center of a sprawling metropolis of more than four million people, scientists would find a previously unknown tree in a rugged wilderness area. It’s hard to imagine how this tree, which has now been propagated and will soon be growing in gardens around the globe, could have supposedly been missing for 150 million years. But there’s no mystery when this tree’s history is understood within God’s framework and timescale of Earth history recorded in His Word. Rather than being a living fossil, it is a survivor of the Flood only 4,500 years ago, destined to grow in the new world while its relatives(not ancestors) were buried with the remains of the old world.

After those 7 pages evolutionary time periods are not mentioned again and Karen shares an amazing amount of detailed thorough information on the edible and medicinal benefits of pines. I believe a Wild Edible of the Month subscription can be a beneficial addition to anyone wanting to learn about wild edible and medicinal plants.

A few other articles that I recommend to shed light on the issue of creation vs evolution in the geologic column time scale :

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Carbon-14 in Fossils and Diamonds

Ten Misconceptions about the Geologic Column

Please share with us in the comments the sources you like to use for wild edible and medicinal foods.


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