Rest, Restoration and Healing Sabbatical

Shatul will be on a Sabbatical from

Aug 28- October 5th 2014

During the month of Elul and the days leading up to the High Holy Days I will be taking a time away from work and much of  the internet. I believe it is important to rest our bodies, spirits, and minds in order to receive restoration and healing. God has impressed upon me to give Him extra time this year, and really this time is for me as well.  During this time I will be seeking God and spending more time in the Word. Not to mention time outside and completing other projects. What you won’t see from me during this time is a lot of blog posts or social media posts. There may be one or two posts scheduled. I will be back, refreshed and restored to work with you to create Deeply Rooted Wellness.

Need a Consultation?

No worries, I will still be checking my email for any consultation requests and we can discuss scheduling them in relation to their need.

I can be reached at

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About Tamra Speakman

Tamra is a holistic herbalist. She has over a decade of prior experience as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Tamra owns, Shatul where she educates believers on using God's creation to obtain wellness and vitality. Shatul offers consultations, Deeply Rooted in the Word of God, in person, online, or via the phone for you and your entire family.

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