Support the Vision of Creating The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine

Support the Vision of Creating The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine

I truly desire this E-magazine to be a quality resource done right. I am so very blessed to have some amazing support so far in the journey of contributors offering their time, knowledge and wisdom to this project. My son Richard Parker at Flying Fox Development is creating our website and helping with all the technical webmaster issues (currently for free). However we are pinching pennies just to pay for the expenses. I would love to be able to cover costs and pay for the amazing work Richard offers.

Introducing The Patreon Page for The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine.

“Patreon is a way to pay your favorite creators (ie. me) for making the stuff you love.”( ie. herbal creations). You can choose to support this journey of creating The Biblical Herbal by pledging your financial support per article sample, video, blog or other creation posted on the members only blog. By pledging you receive access to the members only blog and activity feed. Where you can read my posts, post your comments and interact with me. Head on over and click the orange “Become a patron” button. You can receive other great rewards such as a free herbal recipe, my mini course and much more depending on your pledge amount.

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You can learn more about Patreon in this video as well as at my Patreon Page.

Thank you for your support! I look forward to seeing over on The Biblical Herbal Patreon!

Stay tuned for information on The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine subscription by signing up here.



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