How To Dye Your Hair With Henna

In this article I share with you the benefits and beauty of using henna to dye your hair. Hennaing like all herbalism is as much art as it is science. We can think of our hair as the canvas and the herbs as the paint that we apply. As you get familiar with using the […]

Scholarship From Herbal Academy of New England and Herbs of The Bible Chart

{The links in this post are affiliate links. I will receive a percentage of monies from your purchase via my link. This in no way affects your price .} Win an Herbal Education I have some more exciting news, when you subscribe now to the Back To Our Roots online Christian Herbal Conference you get […]

Back To Our Roots Christian Herbal Conference

Join Me at the Christian Herbal Conference {The link to the conference in this post is an affiliate link. I will receive a percentage of the conference fee when you sign up via my link. This in no way affects the price of the conference.} Do you love herbs? Want to learn about herbalism but […]

Shatul Blog Sabbatical

Shatul blog is currently on sabbatical. During this time I am still available for deeply rooted wellness consultations. Please stay a while and take a look around, get to know me, visit my blog,  herbs of the Bible series, or learn more about consultations.  Diet questions? Learn what diet is right for you. Shop at […]

Ask the Herbalist- May Post Reschedule

Due to Mother’s day Ask the Herbalist will post next week. Please submit your questions asap. I pray you all had a blessed Mothers Day! Tamra

Ask the Herbalist: Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

Ask the Herbalist: Herbs for Menstrual Carmps @shatulwellness

Mamag Asks: Three of my daughters suffer with moderate to severe menstrual cramping. What are some good herbs for both internal and external use. Trying to keep them from reaching for the Motrin! Thank you. grace and peace! Tamra’s answer: Hi Mamag, First let me say thank you for your participation in Ask the Herbalist! […]

Ask The Herbalist-Combining Herbal Remedies Safely

Ask the Herbalist: Combining Herbal Remedies Safely @shatulwellness

MP asks: How do I know which herbs not to take at the same time?  For example, I was taking a tincture for PMS symptoms when I felt a cold coming.  So I also started taking a tincture to build immunity.  After a couple days of taking both, I started getting a rash on my […]

Medicinal Plants Monograph: Mahonia aquifolium

Medicinal Plants Monograph: Mahonia Mahonia aquifolium @shatulwellness

Oregon Grape Root (Mahonia aquifolium) is a medicinal plant often used as a broad spectrum antibiotic. This plant has a rich history of varied use. Currently its most common use is due to its antimicrobial effects, yet there is so much more to this bitter liver tonic herb. Read the full Monograph at The christian […]

Ask the Herbalist Monthly Blog Series

Ask the Herbalist

When we are new to learning about herbs we often have many questions and aren’t sure where to get answers. Herbalism is a lifelong learning journey and even those with years of experience can learn daily from the herbal gifts God provides. My heart is to share the healing beauty and depth of God’s creation […]

Balancing & Tonic Milky Oats

Balancing & Tonic Milky Oats

Nourishing, Normalizing, Restorative Oats Most of us are familiar with the fact that oats used for culinary purposes are a healthy food choice. In herbalism oat tops in their milky stage are seen as one of the most nourishing, balancing, tonic herbs available. Those who are experiencing debilitating nervous system exhaustion benefit from this amazing […]

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