Health Care Crisis

America is said to be in a “health care crisis” at this time. Everyone including the government is looking for solutions. Believers all over have decided they want nothing to do with the new Affordable Care Act. I feel there are several reasons for believers to avoid participating, such as: government funding of abortion, and […]

Edible and Medicinal Plants From The Bible: Aloe

Most people don’t think of the Word of God as a health or herbalism text. While I agree it technically is not, as a home school mom we have used the Bible as our main text for many subjects. The Bible actually has a lot more to say about plants, whole food, diet, and herbs, […]

Herbal Sinusitis Solutions

  Sinusitis; What is It? Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses usually caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungus. Common symptoms are pain and tenderness in the face, headache, nasal congestion, or nasal dryness. Sinusitis can be both chronic-continuous, acute-immediate, and it can also come and go. The sinuses are hollow cavities located in the […]

Sukkot Special Offer

Bring Health and Vitality to Your Temporary Dwelling Scripture gives us the picture of our bodies being the temporary dwelling place of His Spirit. Though we may yearn for a time where we have spiritual bodies we currently must live in these temporary dwellings. It is important to care for our bodies so that we […]

Super Creation for Super Bugs

CNN Health recently posted an article titled “CDC sets threat levels for drug-resistant ‘superbugs’“.   Antibiotic resistant bacteria  is something to be concerned about, however I think that fear is definitely not the answer.  There are a few good suggestions at the end of the article to help prevent these “superbugs”. I would like to share a  few […]

Herbalism Rooted in God’s Word

The history of herbalism is often linked with pagan religions, witchcraft and non-Biblical concepts. Believers often have many concerns about using  Herbalism. So let’s get right down to answering some of these concerns. Is herbalism pagan or non-Biblical? When considering whether something is non-biblical and should be avoided it is important to look at its […]

Who Is Your Master

In today’s world we have so many choices, choices that are both good and evil. Choices on what to put before our eyes, ears and what to put in our mouth. I must say the mouth is the one I struggle with most. I love food, the tastes, textures, especially the sweets and treats. Yet […]

Getting to The Root of My Diet

After receiving my miraculous healing from Abba I still had much work to do. I think the healing opened my eyes to how I had been living. No, not really living, barely surviving. With no energy to make meals I had allowed myself to get into the horrible habit of microwave meals. I soon recognized […]

Why I Passed Over From Orthodox Medicine To Holistic Wellness

Growing up, one thing I always wanted to do was become a nurse. I was a Licensed Vocational Nurse working in the medical field in multiple clinical areas for over 10 years until I became very ill, eventually having to quit work altogether. I loved my role as a nurse helping people and studying about […]

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