7 Herbs For Increasing Fertility & Conception

7 Herbs For Increasing Fertility & Conception

God has given women a natural gift and desire to bear children. Infertility can be a frustrating and heartbreaking issue to deal with. There are actually different causes of infertility for each person. Some of the causes of infertility are, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, poor egg health, and low sperm […]

Messianic Family Magazine Passover Giveaway

The Messianic Family Magazine Passover Giveaway

I was blessed to contribute a pumped up version of the article ‘Herbalism Rooted in God’s Word’ for a great new resource for believers, the Messianic Family Magazine. In celebration of the creation of this great magazine by Evonne Mandella and her family and the feast of Passover I am sharing this giveaway loaded with […]

Whole Food Nutrition: The Whole Food Guide To Healthy Meat

Whole Food Nutrition: The Whole Food Guide To Healthy Meat

Today it is very common to hear a multitude of opinions on which diet is the healthiest. Unfortunately many of the diets that people adopt are fad diets. The basic solution to this dilemma is to eat a biblical whole foods diet, making specific adjustments for each individual. We have already shared why a Whole […]

Shatul: What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?   What prompted me to come up with the name Shatul and what does it mean? Psalm 1 has been somewhat of a theme Psalm for me especially verse 3 They are like trees planted by streams — they bear their fruit in season, their leaves never wither, everything they do […]

An Alabaster Box of Precious Ointment: Myrrh

Today we are going to look at another herb in the Burseraceae family, Myrrh. As we learned in the previous post about balm, This family contains several trees that give off resinous gum when their bark is cut. Frankincense is also part of this family. The Biblical Plant Myrrh The Hebrew word translated as Myrrh is מור […]

Restoring The Wounded Soul With Balm of Gilead

The Hebrew Word for balm is צרי tseri. The Strong’s  concordance describes it this way: “From an unused root meaning to crack (as by pressure), hence to leak; distillation, that is, balsam: – balm.” And their father Israel said unto them, If it must be so now, do this; take of the best fruits in the land in your vessels, […]

What is The Biblical Juniper?

The next plant I want to cover in this series is Juniper. This is my plant to get to know this year as they surround me. The smell of this plant is rich, and pungent and similar to pine but oh so different. During the rain in the high desert  area of my neighborhood this […]

Health Care Crisis

America is said to be in a “health care crisis” at this time. Everyone including the government is looking for solutions. Believers all over have decided they want nothing to do with the new Affordable Care Act. I feel there are several reasons for believers to avoid participating, such as: government funding of abortion, and […]

Edible and Medicinal Plants From The Bible: Aloe

Most people don’t think of the Word of God as a health or herbalism text. While I agree it technically is not, as a home school mom we have used the Bible as our main text for many subjects. The Bible actually has a lot more to say about plants, whole food, diet, and herbs, […]

Herbalism Rooted in God’s Word

The history of herbalism is often linked with pagan religions, witchcraft and non-Biblical concepts. Believers often have many concerns about using  Herbalism. So let’s get right down to answering some of these concerns. Is herbalism pagan or non-Biblical? When considering whether something is non-biblical and should be avoided it is important to look at its […]

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