Herb of the Month: Aloe Vera

Herb of the Month: Aloe Vera

Name: Aloe Vera Latin Name: Aloe barbadensis Common Names: Aloe, moka, cape, turkey, Aloe Zanzibar Family: Asphodelaceae Parts Used: Leaf, Juice Constituents: Glycoside (anthroquinone, called aloe emodin or aloin), polysaccharides, saponins, essential oil, steroids, enzymes, minerals, cinnamic and salicylic acid, acemannan Actions: Promotes bile, heals wounds, tonic anti-fungal, antibacterial, demulcent, sedative, purgative Energetics: Leaf: bitter, […]

Herb of The Month: Nettle

Name: Nettle, Stinging Nettle Latin: Urtica dioica Family: Urticaceae Parts Used: It is common to use the aerial parts, especially as food or as a nutritive tonic. However, roots and seeds are also used medicinally. Constituents: Chlorophyll/ indoles-histamine and serotonin, acetylcholine-flavonal glycosides, quercetin, tannins, vitamin C, protein, fiber, iron, silica, calcium, potassium, manganese, sulphur, vitamins A, […]

Stinging Nettle: Curse or Blessing

Stinging Nettle: Curse or Blessing

Nettle is one of those herbs that people love and hate. Many people consider it a noxious weed to avoid. This is understandable considering  just the touch of it can create a stinging rash and welt. But does nettle deserve its cursed status or is it a blessing? This herb is very commonly used in […]

Mint: An Aromatic Biblical Herb

Mint: An Aromatic Biblical Herb

Mint is a common and simple herb that actually packs a lot of punch. It has many medicinal and culinary uses. This wonderful tasting aromatic plant has been in use since bible times. It was a common plant grown in gardens. The wild mints were said to start in Egypt and then spread to Israel. […]

Goldenseal Frankincense and Myrrh Mini Course

Announcing Shatul’s First Mini Course In my Frankincense post I stated: “Stay tuned for a mini workshop for a wonderful healing balm  with Goldenseal, Frankincense, and myrrh.” Well I am excited to share my first mini course with you today. This mini course takes you through step by step instructions on how to make a healing balm […]

Frankincense: Intercession and Worship

Frankincense Represents Intercession Frankincense to me is the most beautiful smelling essential oil. I use the essential oil often as perfume and anointing to God. Frankincense is said to speak of intercession and worship. To me this scent reminds me that I am always lifting my body and life up to God, constantly making intercession […]

An Alabaster Box of Precious Ointment: Myrrh

Today we are going to look at another herb in the Burseraceae family, Myrrh. As we learned in the previous post about balm, This family contains several trees that give off resinous gum when their bark is cut. Frankincense is also part of this family. The Biblical Plant Myrrh The Hebrew word translated as Myrrh is מור […]

Restoring The Wounded Soul With Balm of Gilead

The Hebrew Word for balm is צרי tseri. The Strong’s  concordance describes it this way: “From an unused root meaning to crack (as by pressure), hence to leak; distillation, that is, balsam: – balm.” And their father Israel said unto them, If it must be so now, do this; take of the best fruits in the land in your vessels, […]

What is The Biblical Juniper?

The next plant I want to cover in this series is Juniper. This is my plant to get to know this year as they surround me. The smell of this plant is rich, and pungent and similar to pine but oh so different. During the rain in the high desert  area of my neighborhood this […]

Edible and Medicinal Plants From The Bible: Aloe

Most people don’t think of the Word of God as a health or herbalism text. While I agree it technically is not, as a home school mom we have used the Bible as our main text for many subjects. The Bible actually has a lot more to say about plants, whole food, diet, and herbs, […]

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