Shatul: What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?   What prompted me to come up with the name Shatul and what does it mean? Psalm 1 has been somewhat of a theme Psalm for me especially verse 3 They are like trees planted by streams — they bear their fruit in season, their leaves never wither, everything they do […]

Frankincense: Intercession and Worship

Frankincense Represents Intercession Frankincense to me is the most beautiful smelling essential oil. I use the essential oil often as perfume and anointing to God. Frankincense is said to speak of intercession and worship. To me this scent reminds me that I am always lifting my body and life up to God, constantly making intercession […]

Who Is Your Master

In today’s world we have so many choices, choices that are both good and evil. Choices on what to put before our eyes, ears and what to put in our mouth. I must say the mouth is the one I struggle with most. I love food, the tastes, textures, especially the sweets and treats. Yet […]

Getting to The Root of My Diet

After receiving my miraculous healing from Abba I still had much work to do. I think the healing opened my eyes to how I had been living. No, not really living, barely surviving. With no energy to make meals I had allowed myself to get into the horrible habit of microwave meals. I soon recognized […]

Why I Passed Over From Orthodox Medicine To Holistic Wellness

Growing up, one thing I always wanted to do was become a nurse. I was a Licensed Vocational Nurse working in the medical field in multiple clinical areas for over 10 years until I became very ill, eventually having to quit work altogether. I loved my role as a nurse helping people and studying about […]

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