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Mindsets Towards God’s Healing Creation

One of my desires is that everyone will have access to Holistic Biblical Herbalism. My hope is to help educate believers and others on a mindset change. One that makes it natural to seek out God’s healing and healing creation for health and well-being. I know that it is difficult for many to afford a consultation and that is why I offer a sliding scale as well as the option for payments or bartering. In order to help fulfill the requirements of Professional Membership in the American Herbalist Guild as well as help fulfill my desire for everyone to have access to Holistic Biblical Herbalism I will be offering two people each month consultations by donation only. This means that two blessed people will be able to decide what amount to pay for their Roots Up Consultation with the minimum donation being $40. You can learn more about my journey to becoming an herbalist and the AHG requirements via my blog post entitled Becoming An Herbalist & Consultations By Donation.

Consultation By Donation: Price Suggestions $40-150

Regular Price $150

An initial consultation lasting 1 1/2 hours via Skype, phone, including a full protocol, detailing all we discuss, to guide you in making decisions and changes. Information on the best sources for herbs and supplements. As well as any necessary handouts or recipes. A written protocol will be emailed to you with in 2 business days. A follow-up email within 2 weeks to see how you’re doing and answer any questions.

After your initial consultation all future appointments will be considered a follow-up consultation.

As you establish new healthy patterns your body will change and so will your needs. Progress from herbs and supplements can take time and may need adjustments. It is important for you to be willing to make changes and be consistent. Therefore please keep in mind that follow up care is a normal and important part of any consultation. Many herbalists only offer packages to insure that their clients will fully commit to needed consultations. Though it is not a requirement I pray that those who decide to use this Consultation by Donation choice would also schedule one or more follow up appointments to help with the needed changes or adjustments to aid them on a continued path to wellness.

If you would like to request a Consultation By donation please Contact Me via this link  and include in the text box the words Consultation By Donation along with a brief description of your health concerns. I will email a Paypal link for your donation along with your Intake forms after the appointment is scheduled.


*I do not diagnose or treat you or a disease. Instead I educate you on the holistic options available to bring about wellness and vitality in your life. An important part of  the consultation is empowering you to take charge of your health decisions. Therefore I do not tell you what to do but share my knowledge so you can make wise decisions. This could include dietary information, exercise suggestions, lifestyle changes, herbal protocols, and other supplements. Any information found on this website or received during a consultation is for educational purposes only. The information is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prescribe, nor is it a replacement for health care from a licensed physician.

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