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Join Me On the Journey to Deeply Rooted Wellness

While the trial membership started last month you can still benefit and join us for the next 3 months!

Deeply Rooted Wellness Membership Program: Regularly $60 a month

Limited time 3  (technically 4) month pilot membership for discounted price of $45 a month

That’s a savings of $25-30 a month off regular consultation prices plus bonuses

Initial consultation required. (excluding current clients)

New clients receive  20 %  $50 discount on initial consultation when you sign up for membership. Your initial consultation will be at the low price of $100 and take place in your first month.

*Deeply Rooted Wellness Membership not eligible for sliding scale discount. 

I have decided to offer 2 pay plans for new clients.

  • Pay $100 the first month and $45 for 2 months


  • Extend your initial consultation payment out over the 3 month period and Pay $63.33 a month.

(initial consultation 1 month then 2 month membership for total of 3 months)

  • Current clients pay $45 for 3 months

Choose New Extended or Current Client

Your membership includes: (after your initial consultation)

Your choice of:

  • One Rooted Follow up a month : Regular Price $75 value

A 45 minute follow-up consultation via phone or Skype to discuss any health changes, and any new concerns. As you establish new healthy patterns your body will change and so will your needs. This can also be used as a consultation to learn holistic ways of caring for your family during non life threatening but acute health concerns such as the flu. A written protocol will be emailed to you with in 2 business days.

or choose

  • Two Mini Rooted Follow Up a month: Price $35each-$70 value

Two 20-30 minute mini follow up appointment via phone or Skype for those times when you have one health concern or question. A written protocol will be e-mailed to you on the same day or no later than 2 business days.

  • Plus a weekly email follow up or mini email consultation.
  • Plus access to a private Facebook group where I will post additional educational content, and you can ask questions.
  • 10% discount on any courses or classes when offered.

Minimum 4 days (preferably a week) advance scheduling is needed for your initial Roots Up consultation so that we both have time to complete all necessary paperwork. All appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, however a week is preferred especially for Rooted Follow Up Appointments. If you have a more immediate same day question you may use your email follow up by emailing me at and then we can decide on the next step. This membership is in no way meant to replace a licensed physicians care, or emergency care, nor is it to be considered insurance. You can review my full contract via this download. This contract will be emailed to you for digital signing after you subscribe.

Scheduling Your appointments
Members are responsible for scheduling their own appointments each month. An email follow up will be sent 1-2 weeks after the appointment however members are responsible for initiating all all other appointments and weekly email follow ups. Appointments not scheduled by the member in a month will be forfeited and can not be carried over into the next month. A members only email address will be provided upon becoming a member. To redeem your weekly email please contact me via that email. You may ask questions or give an update and I will respond within 1 business day. Shatul has the right to change hours of availability at anytime. Shatul is closed for Sabbath and all biblical Holy Days, as well as Sunday, fourth of July, and Thanksgiving.

Current Appointment hours (all appointment hours are in Pacific time):

Mon through Wed 8am-5pm

Thursday and Friday 8am- 11 am

If you need more information or have questions please contact me here.

To join me on this journey to deeply rooted wellness subscribe below to receive your membership contract. You must also subscribe via the PayPal buttons to sign up for the monthly payment. You will then be added to the Facebook group. On the group you will be given the links to schedule your first appointment as well as find some of the first welcome information and start enjoying your members only content.

Join the Deeply Rooted Wellness Membership

This sign up is only for those actually signing up for the Deeply Rooted Wellness Membership, You will also be signed up for my regular newsletter (normally no more than monthly). You can sign up for the newsletter without joining the membership here.

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