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The Biblical Herbal E-Magazine @shatulwellness

  • Do you want accurate information on herbs all in one place?
  • Are you tired of weeding through resources that have pagan or new age information?
  • Are you looking for a biblical based accurate herbal resource?

Biblical, Accurate, Herbal Wisdom in Your Home

The Biblical Herbal is a quarterly biblical e-magazine providing educational herbal and holistic articles rooted in God’s Word. Our desire is to be a light to the people of God by restoring the knowledge of His healing herbs in creation. Bringing wellness deeply rooted in the word of God. Believers and herbalists, from many denominations are joining together with unity in our foundational belief of Messiah Yeshua and our love for herbs to create a quality herbal resource. The e-magazine will have articles to speak to the housewife and mom trying to care for her family as well as for those who desire advanced and accurate knowledge of herbs. Our first issue is set to come out in March with a focus of restoration, deliverance, Spring, and Passover covering subjects like:

  • Extracting and using Frankincense by herbalist Darryl Patton of The Southern Herbalist
  • Restoring the use of God’s creation for food and medicine by herbalist Sam Steffens of Mountain Song Herbals
  • Herbal Recipes and Remedies-herbal glycerite by Family Herbalist Heather Harris of The Homesteading Hippy
  • and many more rich articles from a at least a dozen herbalists.

and don’t forget a bonus printable mini magazine with fun articles and activities:

The Biblical Herbal is self published by (me) herbalist Tamra Speakman of Shatul.

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This endeavor is a large one and there are several costs involved. I truly desire this E-magazine to be a quality resource done right. I am so very blessed to have some amazing support so far in the journey for contributors offering their time, knowledge and wisdom to this project. There are however many costs and so we humbly welcome donations. Donation amounts are completely open and every amount is greatly appreciated. Sponsors who donate $75 and up will receive a 1 year subscription to The Biblical Herbal at no cost. (4 magazines).

Some ways that your donations will be spent

  • Website set up and maintenance
  • Affiliate and store set up
  • Magazine editing and creation
  • Cover and logo design
  • Software purchases

We make it simple for you to donate below with PayPal. You can also check to make a monthly donation.

Do you have Herbal education or experience? Become a contributor at The Biblical Herbal.

We are looking for contributors with herbal or holistic experience to write quality, accurate, educational articles. Contributors are required to have herbal (or other holistic therapy) experience. Formal herbal education is preferred but not necessary if life experience can be shown.  Fill out the contributor application and see guidelines if you are interested.






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